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Your Liver Will Be as Healthy as Your Diet

Poor nutrition is rarely a cause of liver disease, but good nutrition in the form of a balanced diet, may help liver cells damaged by hepatitis viruses to regenerate, forming new liver cells. Nutrition is an essential part of treatment. Many chronic liver diseases are associated with malnutrition. Watch the Protein. Too much daily protein…

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Caution! Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

What’s the problem? Televised testimonial promotions, as well as advertisements in health and nutrition magazines, aggressively promote the use of herbs and nutritional supplements – frequently without explaining potential dangers or side effects. Nutritional supplements and herbal remedies are readily available in supermarkets, pharmacies, health food stores, and offices of herbal practitioners. The fact that…

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Caution! Children and Acetaminophen

Children are not just little adults and medications prescribed or over the counter may be harmful to their liver as all drugs have to be processed through the liver.  This is especially a concern for the use of acetaminophen that is available in various strengths and contained in Tylenol and many other OTC drugs. Children…

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Living with Hepatitis

If you are a hepatitis carrier, it’s your responsibility to avoid spreading your infection to others. Here’s how: Hepatitis viruses can be transmitted by contact with infected blood, seminal fluids and vaginal secretions. Wash your hands with soap and water after touching your own blood or body fluids. Throw personal items such as tissues, menstrual…

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Keeping Yourself Healthy when you have Hepatitis C

Monitor the state of your liver at least once a year to determine if the disease is progressing and if cirrhosis or liver cancer is developing. Review all medications with your physician. Some over-the-counter and alternative medicines can harm the liver. Have periodic ultrasound and alpha-fetoprotein blood tests for liver cancer. If pregnant, be sure…

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Your Liver is your Life

Your liver depends on you to take care of it… so it can take care of you. It serves as your body’s engine, pantry, refinery, food processor, garbage disposal, and “guardian angel.” The trouble is, your liver is a silent partner; when something’s wrong it does not complain until the damage is far advanced. So…

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