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About the Hepatitis Foundation South Africa


Our Mission

HFSA is a non-profit organisation, the first in South Africa, dedicated to the eradication of viral hepatitis for 550 million people globally.

Dedicated to increasing and promoting health and wellness and reducing the incidence of preventable liver-related chronic diseases and lifestyles that impact the liver.  Some of these diseases and issues include: obesity, diabetes, hepatitis, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, harm reduction, cardiovascular disease and fatty/liver cancer.

Our Vision

Working toward the global elimination of viral hepatitis for over 550 million individuals, patients, families, caregivers and health care providers worldwide.

HFSA implements our mission through our touchstones to:

  • Prevent (Prevention of disease through education);
  • Reach well over 5 million patients and health care professionals annually;
  • Educate (Decrease disease burden and increase adherence to treatment);
  • Serve (Constituents, including hard to reach, hard to treat); and
  • Support (Provide linkages to care, programs and resources for adherence and optimal health outcomes).

What We Do

We provide outreach, education and intervention for people at risk and/or living with liver disease; offer continuing education for healthcare providers; and produce education and awareness programs. Your support allows us to expand our services to hepatitis and liver disease patients and their families, healthcare providers and communities nationwide.