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Now meet Gil Sadler as he celebrated his annual fun and fundraising event, Jamaican*Me*Crazy, with family and friends...


By Gil Sadler

Not many people shopping for a new house would have what Gil Sadler had on his “must have” list:  space for a sandbar-wrecked sailboat (including sandbar), full size tiki bar, bandstand and as much sand as can be hauled in!

Thankfully, he found such a property allowing the joyful continuation “Jamaican*Me*Crazy” – Gil’s annual fun and fundraising celebration.. Gil’s party began as a celebration following his successful treatment for hepatitis C back in the late 1990’s.  He planned a party to thank his friends and family – and the Hepatitis Foundation International for their support throughout his ordeal.

In 2000, when Gil decided to re-create his Jamaican beach scene, he dug and dug and lugged and lugged – A 25’ deep pit for 200 tons of sand for the Jamaican event.  He built a tiki beach bar named “The Nauty Bar” (nautical) and repaints and refreshes it annually. A marooned sailboat on the sandbar serves as a large and accessible cooler for the party!

Gil announces the date of the event- and then stands back as the ever-growing network of friends and family shares the excitement.  Four weeks out, Gil picks a mascot to be part of all announcements…and Facebook photos. This year a ventriloquist’s dummy, appropriately dressed for an island beach party, made the weekly countdown announcement.

The night unfolds with costume contests, silent auction, and live music and island style revelry! Corporate, regional and local contributors line up to support this annual fun event.  Gil is always taken back by the generosity of the contributors as well as the party-goers enabling the Hepatitis Foundation to continue its encouragement for others as they did for Gil.

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