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Living with Hepatitis


If you are a hepatitis carrier, it's your responsibility to avoid spreading your infection to others. Here's how:

  • Hepatitis viruses can be transmitted by contact with infected blood, seminal fluids and vaginal secretions.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after touching your own blood or body fluids. Throw personal items such as tissues, menstrual pads, tampons, or bandages away in a plastic bag.
  • All cuts and open sores should be covered with a bandage. Wipe up your blood spills, then, re-clean the area with a solution of one part household bleach to ten parts water.
  • Do not share food that has been in your mouth and do not pre-chew food for babies.
  • Tell sexual partners you have hepatitis. Partners should be tested, and if not immune to the virus, they should be vaccinated for hepatitis B. Avoid contact during foreplay and use a condom.
  • People living in the same household as a carrier should be vaccinated against hepatitis B.

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